Watch "Ben and His Theorbo", a demonstration of the Baroque bass lute. Subscribe to Benjamin's Youtube video channel for further upcoming videos.

Click on "News" at The Wholenote website to read Benjamin's Choral Scene column.
Listen to an interview with Benjamin Stein as he sings, plays theorbo, and talks about being a musician.
The Tapestry show entitled "Midlife" aired on 23 October 2011, and Benjamin can be heard approximately 25 minutes into the podcast.
Read an interview with Benjamin in the Toronto Star
Website for the Toronto Continuo Collective, a group of musicians that come together to study and perform musical accompaniment from the 16th to 18th centuries.
Soprano Ariel Harwood-Jones is a frequent recital partner of Benjamin's, and has collaborated with him in several concerts. Click above on Programmes for a descriptions of these concerts.

October 2010  - performance of 1610 Vespers, Claudio Monteverdi

December 201o  - performance of  Praetorius Christmas Vespers

May 2011  - performance of  The Masques of Orpheus

Sacred music of the 17th century

Photo Credits
Theorbo: Rachel Hoops
Head shot: Helen Tansey Photography
Piano: Jamie Liscombe